Secrets Of Success At Work Place


“How To Feel  More Successful At Work Place”

We’re all conditioned to think that we should always be striving for success in the workplace, but the constant drive to improve can lead to feelings of stress and frustration.
Now career experts have revealed that rather than measuring your worth by promotions and pay rises, we should redefine what success means in order to boost your feelings of satisfaction and reduce stress.

Darain Faraz, Careers Expert at LinkedIn told FEMAIL: ‘There’s no need to automatically define success by money or power, it’s about doing what’s right for you, what makes you happy.’

According to Darain, the traditional view of being ‘successful’ might not be something that everyone can permanently achieve, but appreciating things such as quality of life and work-life balance can make you feel just as good as getting that promotion.
Here he shares his top tips for feeling successful no matter what your situation.

1. Redefine what success means to you
Success is different for everyone – it’s a case of finding out what it means to you.
Whether that’s making it home for bath time or having the time to play in your five-a-side football team, being your own boss or owning your own home; everyone has their own success story which deserves to be recognised and celebrated.
There’s no need to automatically define success by money or power, it’s about doing what’s right for you, what makes you happy.

2. Understand that time changes everything
LinkedIn members have told us there isn’t a one-dimensional view of success and admit that their versions of success have changed as they’ve got older.
While some people are motivated by a long-term dream, it’s worth remembering that this notion may change as we grow, as we meet new people, have new experiences and understand different perspectives.
What might seem like ‘success’ today, could look like something else in 10 years – give yourself the flexibility for your perceptions of success to change as your life does.

3. Set short term goals for long term gain
Being ‘successful’ isn’t always easy. It’s not something you can get over night, on your first try or even permanently achieve. However, setting manageable, individual goals helps to focus the mind and the small wins contribute to an overall feeling of success in life.
Make sure you recognise each success as they happen as a milestone towards reaching a long-term goal. You’ll keep feeding off the feeling each win gives you, inspiring you to get there faster. And avoid setting goals based on what society says you ‘should do’. Remember success is individual and always changing.


4. Talk it out
Don’t be afraid to ask others for advice; whether that’s about your career or ticking things off your bucket list. Friends, family and professional contacts can help you define what success means and may even get you on the right track to achieving it.
Talk ideas through, take the time to work out what’s important to you with others – different points of view may spark new ideas and open new avenues to you. Your professional network holds a huge amount of value. Just spending a few minutes connecting with people you meet could make a difference in the future.

5. Be nice to yourself
‘Unsuccessful people’ are likely to be their own worst critic. They might take themselves very seriously or have incredibly high expectations that are almost impossible to meet. If you’re a little easier on yourself, and start acknowledging the everyday wins, you’ll notice the times where you have achieved something.
‘Whether that was reading the paper uninterrupted, getting a seat on the train or making it home in time to read your children a bedtime story – these everyday victories all contribute to the bigger picture of feeling successful.’